Frequently Asked Questions


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Specialized Housing for Sex Offenders in St. Petersburg, Florida

We are not affiliated with Florida Justice Transitions. At one time, they owned some units in the Park. That is no longer the case.

Can I have a TV? Yes, TV and other media are authorized as long as it satisfies your probation conditions. You are responsible for making your own arrangements for cable or satellite service.

Can people visit me? Yes, visitors are encouraged to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Visitors under 18 are never authorized. Many residents have some sort of restriction that might apply. All guests must be approved in advance, by the office. Overnight guests are rarely authorized. Your family and friends can stay at any number of places close by.

Can I pay my rent and fees after I get there? No. We are not approved to accept new residents without application fee and first two month’s rent and last month's paid in advance. DOC will not approve this location without all payment issues resolved. In some rare cases, we might be authorized to make an exception if the individual can document Social Security or Veterans benefits. These are rare cases have several special conditions and have to be resolved prior to arrival.

Can I have my own place? Generally not. Usually, we are at or near capacity. Occasionally, for various reasons, an entire unit will be available. In these rare cases, the unit would rent for $750.00 to $1125.00 per month, plus utilities. We will not commit an entire unit in advance.

What are my utility costs? The only utility the residents are responsible for paying for is the electricity. That cost is shared by the residents of the unit and divided by the number of residents in the unit.

What other costs will I have? Typically, court ordered counseling will cost $25.00 per week. That arrangement is made directly with the counselor.

Am I going to find a job? Every resident has some form of income. Many will start working with a temp service and have that develop into a regular job. Others will often find that there are employers that will give a felon a second chance.

What will be provided? Each room has a bed and most have dressers. There are several thrift stores around that provide reasonable prices on additional items, such as lamps. Every resident gets sheets and pillow for the bed. In most cases, we have towels and some clothes available.


Donations, such as toiletries, clothes and kitchen utensils, are greatly appreciated. We are solely funded from rent receipts. There is no outside assistance of any sort.